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17 Apr

Podcast: Done! No. 554 - Give yourself small, small blocks of personal time

Datum: 2023-04-17 08:45
A male and a female hand grabs one each of eight pizza slices placed in an original round pizza shape.

Wel­come to Done!, episode No. 526! Almost back from a love­ly East­er hol­i­day trip to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, I share one thing you can do to more eas­i­ly get the focus time you need.

What tricks do you have to main­tain your sched­uled per­son­al time? Write to me and tell me. Every trick to increas­ing­ly mas­ter your cal­en­dar is worth its weight in gold — not least for me, so I am all ears.

Ear­ly in the episode, I men­tion Ylva’s method for feel­ing less stressed.

A grey bearded man in black rimmed glasses is sitting in a sofa, reading an interesting newsletter about structure at work on a tablet. He is smiling - not only because he wears a red sweater that looks really nice.

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