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03 Apr

Podcast: Done! No. 553 - How ChatGPT can help you stop procrastinating

Datum: 2023-04-03 08:45
A stone mason is working on a large rock in his workshop, chipping away piece by piece. The daylight flows in through windows on the right.

You put off one of your tasks again and again — even though you know you should just get it done.

In Done! No. 553, I share how Chat­G­PT can come to your res­cue in sit­u­a­tions like this.

What have you used Chat­G­PT for? Tell me, because I want all the help I can get in my job — whether it’s from oth­er peo­ple or from smart sys­tems that hap­pi­ly do what I don’t feel like doing. Write to me and tell me.

Book a talk on struc­ture with me before sum­mer is here!

A girl in a summer dress opens a letter she has just picked from an old letterbox in front of a early century bungalow in Pasadena. It's morning and the sun shines. On the letterbox sits two small birds, chirping.

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