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13 Feb

Podcast: Done! No. 546 - When are you on manager’s schedule and when on maker’s schedule?

Datum: 2023-02-13 08:45
A woman in a yellow knit sweater writes on a tablet in an office setting.

Your work con­sists of plen­ty of tasks with vary­ing characteristics.

This 546th episode is about a plan­ning con­cept from Y Com­bi­na­tor’s Paul Gra­ham that can help you cre­ate the opti­mal con­di­tions for get­ting your dif­fer­ent types of tasks done.

Have you come across Paul Gra­ham’s con­cepts before and used them for your own plan­ning? How? Tell me, because I always want to learn more tricks and meth­ods that help me and those I help in turn to have smoother weekdays.

Here is what you can do when there are too many flags and every­thing is prioritized.

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