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05 Dec

Podcast: Done! No. 538 - Why OneNote is not a good place for your to-do list (yet)

Datum: 2022-12-05 08:45
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Microsoft OneNote is an excel­lent tool for writ­ing and keep­ing notes, if you ask me.

But, I do not think you should use it for your to-do list. 

In this episode, the 538th, I share why — and I give you two sug­ges­tions for tools you could try out instead.

Don’t agree with me that OneNote is not a good place for to-do lists? Have you found fea­tures that solve the has­sle that I haven’t? Let me know! I want to learn more about this, so I would love for you to tell or show me.

A blonde man in blue jacket, light blue shirt and yellow tie gives a talk.

Also, book a talk on structure at work by me for your meeting/conference in January and set the tone immediately among your colleagues for an even more well structured 2023!

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