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03 Oct

Podcast: Done! No. 529 - Why you should stop for a moment before you start working on something you have put off

Datum: 2022-10-03 08:45
Two hands kneading a sour-dough on a marble table.

When you final­ly have time to do that thing that you have post­poned a while longer than you wish, it is under­stand­able that you want to get start­ed immediately.

But, today’s Done! No. 529, is about a sit­u­a­tion when it is actu­al­ly wise to slow down and not act so quickly.

Do you usu­al­ly do some­thing spe­cial before hav­ing a go at a task that has been on the to-do list for a long time? Do you check it against some­thing or check in with some­one? Tell me what and how! 

I am very curi­ous to know how you make sure you are only doing what is actu­al­ly rel­e­vant, impor­tant, and valuable.

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