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19 Sep

Podcast: Done! No. 527 - Would you want to do this tomorrow?

Datum: 2022-09-19 08:45
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Some­times, we regret hav­ing accept­ed to do some­thing a long time ago that we now, when the time is here, def­i­nite­ly would not prioritize.

In Done! No. 527, I share a sim­ple trick for say­ing Yes!” only to the right tasks:

What are your tricks for not say­ing yes to too much and some­times the wrong things? Write to me and let me know. I love to hear about sim­ple tricks like this, so I am curi­ous to hear how you do it.

In the episode, I mention that I have found not one, but two ways to send tasks from OneNote to To-Do.

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