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11 Sep

How to send tasks from OneNote to Microsoft To-Do

Datum: 2022-09-11 15:01
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If you take meet­ing notes in OneNote it would be great if the next steps you agree on dur­ing the meet­ing could end up as to-do tasks in your to-do list auto­mat­i­cal­ly — with­out you hav­ing to remem­ber to add them there after the meet­ing, would­n’t you say?

It is actu­al­ly entire­ly pos­si­ble — in two ways at that!

Copy the tasks you typed in OneNote dur­ing the meeting

A lit­tle more than a week ago, Samuel Sjun­nes­son told me that he had found that you can copy a list in OneNote and paste it into To-Do to cre­ate to-do tasks.

That sound­ed great, since I have missed the fea­ture in OneNote that made it pos­si­ble to flag a line in OneNote to cre­ate tasks in Out­look ever since it dis­ap­peared in 2016. So, I made a video about that:

Flagged text in OneNote cre­ates a synced task in Microsoft To-Do

Right after I had pub­lished this video, Åsa Hov­rell and Rob Zakaria both told me that the fea­ture has reap­peared. Brilliant!

There­fore, the first video got a sequel:

Are there more smart features?

What oth­er use­able fea­tures in OneNote that I have missed have you found? Tell me! (Maybe I get to thank you in anoth­er, future video! 😉)

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