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05 Sep

Podcast: Done! No. 525 - How to make another level when the to-do list app doesn’t have enough

Datum: 2022-09-05 08:45
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Even the best to-do list app might not sup­port exact­ly the thought mod­el” you use for your struc­ture. For instance, what if the app only lets you cre­ate groups con­tain­ing projects con­sist­ing of tasks, but you want to divide the projects in sub projects before defin­ing the tasks?

In this episode, the 525th, I share an easy workaround that lets you work how you wish, even if the app actu­al­ly does­n’t sup­port it. 

What emer­gency solu­tion or Mac­Gyver-like trick have you come up with that you would like to share with me? Tell me!

Also, as I men­tioned in the begin­ning of the episode: please share with me how you han­dle trav­el time to meet­ings in your cal­en­dar. Read my post where I elab­o­rate.

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