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30 May

Podcast: Done! No. 520 - Four things you can use the app Microsoft Lists for

Datum: 2022-05-30 08:45
Two hands typing on a laptop on a desk, in warm, beautiful evening light

Microsoft Lists is a fair­ly new addi­tion to the Microsoft 365 fam­i­ly, but for what can you use it?

In this episode, the 520, I share four suit­able uses for Microsoft Lists.

Are you already using Lists? If so, tell me what you use it for. I am very curi­ous to hear what use you have put it to, so write me a few lines, please.

Two hands typing on a white keyboard on a white desk

In the beginning of the episode, I mention a guide for searching in Outlook and three favorite search terms of mine. Read my blogpost about a smarter Outlook search. 

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