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15 May

How to search better in Outlook

Datum: 2022-05-15 15:27
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Do you find search­ing for an email in Out­look gives you far too many search results? To find the email you were look­ing for, you need to scroll and click and browse through the long list Out­look pre­sent­ed, right?

Then, you would ben­e­fit from using more spe­cif­ic search terms.


Well, I have found a real­ly good guide of all the ways to search in Out­look over at Microsoft.

There, you will find how you can adjust the search so that you get less and more pre­cise results.

Some per­son­al favorites of mine are:

Search in Outlook: bobby NOT moore


Search in Outlook: from bobby about report


Search in Outlook: from bobby received a specific date

What set­ting would you have most use for? Tell me!

Take me to the Out­look search guide!

(These ways of search­ing are par­tic­u­lar­ly use­ful if you strive for reach­ing zero inbox” every once in a while.)

By the way, if you want more tips on how to cre­ate good struc­ture at work — here are many ways to get just that.