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04 Apr

Podcast: Done! No. 513 - How to remember to print when you have the chance

Datum: 2022-04-04 08:45

Even if we work dig­i­tal­ly most of the time we some­times need to print things. It can be some­thing that needs to be signed, some­thing we need to bring, some­thing you need to com­ple­ment your hand-drawn sketch­es with, or some­thing else. 

But, we might not have a print­er avail­able at any giv­en moment. 

If it is not urgent you will have to wait until you are con­ve­nient­ly close to a print­er, but then you need to remem­ber that you need­ed to print what­ev­er it was. 

Print­ing will become yet anoth­er thing you have to remem­ber, amongst all the oth­er things you have going on right now. Quite the nuisance.

So, in this 513th episode of Done!, I share three sim­ple ways to make this prob­lem smaller.

Do you have anoth­er solu­tion to this prob­lem? Tell me about it!

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