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05 Jul

Mutewatch is here!

Datum: 2011-07-05 11:08

Ever since I lit­tle over a year ago for the first time heard Mai-Li Ham­mar­gren speak of the watch with a sound­less vibrat­ing alarm she was devel­op­ing, I have from time to time been in sit­u­a­tions when I silent­ly wished I had a Mute­watch on my wrist. 

When I give a talk I wish to be noti­fied when I have ten min­utes to go with­out being dis­tract­ed from what I am speak­ing about. 

When I am in the mid­dle of a one-man-ses­sion I want to keep track of time with­out repeat­ed­ly check­ing my wrist for the time, which would dis­tract both me and my client when we are working. 

When I am deeply absorbed in my writ­ing, it is nice to have the watch silent­ly and dis­crete­ly vibrate to remind me that it is time to leave the office to reach the meet­ing in time. 

Mute­watch is launched on Thurs­day in Berlin and I will be there. In the fall you will be able to pur­chase Mute­watch from us at Stiern­holm Consulting. 

I want a white one. And you?