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19 Aug

First, they took Berlin (then they'll take Manhattan?)

Date: 2011-08-19 11:19 Comments: 0 st

On Thursday the 7th of July, I went to Voo Store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg in order to attend the global launch party for Swedish watch maker Mutewatch‘s first watch - the minimalistic watch with a silent alarm.

Between Beautiful Swimmers’ disco and Matt Lambert‘s live video installations we got to try on the new watch and test how you by the classic “iPhone-movements” set the watch’s alarm and countdown. To me, it felt slightly unaccustomedly to begin with, since Mutewatch lacks buttons and dial completely.

Of course, I grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with the people of Mutewatch.

Gustaf Hammargren told me enthusiastically that the built-in gyroscope senses the movement if you twist your wrist quickly (as if to see what time it is) and consequently lights up the digital display, so that the digits are visible. Mai-Li Hammargren said that the key to contracting such exquisite retailers is their travels around the world to visit each and everyone in person. Livia Moore and I discussed the benefits of imaginary loading bays in order to harbour a large inflow of contacts, information and ideas on an average day. Also, I agreed with Fredrik Lundin on me writing some additional posts on time management for Mutewatch’s excellent blog Timetank.

A week after the launch, the first watches were sold exclusively in Colette in Paris. Rumour has it that none less than fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld picked up three watches in charcoal grey.

This autumn, you can order the Mutewatch through us at Stiernholm Consulting.

Here is some pictures from the launch party.

And, here a short video.

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