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04 May

Just get rid of it!

Date: 2011-05-04 13:34 Comments: 0 st

Do you have days when it feels as if you have too much around you, going on in general as well as on your desk, in a very palpable way?

Do you have so much physically in front of you as well as ahead of you that you tremble at the thought of getting started with something because there is just so much and it is so messy?

Then it is time to clean up and down-size.

If you do, whatever you have to do will appear easier, since it now does not consist of “so many” and “so much”.

You will see it all clearer, since only what is required is present before you - you no longer need to see past all the things which are not needed (since they have been removed).

Do this

Ask yourself:

  1. Of what sort of things do I have more than one of, where I could throw away all but one? Throw it out.
  2. What documents are so old that I will never need them again? Delete, dispose of them or shred them to pieces.
  3. What meetings could I refrain from attending in the next few weeks? Cancel them.
  4. What books do I have in my bookcase, which I will not read again or will not read at all? Donate to charity.
  5. What to-do-items do not actually generate much value, but rather consist of things I decided to do quite a while back (since it seemed reasonable and relevant at the time), but which I could now might as well disregard? Remove.
  6. What products or services in my company serve more as ballast than as a motor propelling the business forward? Say thank you and goodbye, and begin to phase them out.
  7. What good-to-have-in-case-of-things can I almost certainly rid myself of without it having any actual consequences? Toss them in the bin.
  8. What images on my bulletin board above the desk could I remove, seeing that they no longer are as inspiring and fun as when I put them up in the first place? Dispose of them, cut out new ones that now inspires you more and paste them on the board instead.
  9. Think of at least one more question that can help you spot what besides for what you have already cleaned up, you could dispose of or down-size. For example, “What cords or wires do I have in spite of that the gadget they belonged to is long gone/ lost/ broken?” or “Will I really browse through all the brochures from last year’s exhibition, which is in the bag behind the door?”

Simpler and clearer

But then why something as trivial as cleaning up? Well, you will experience a greater sense of simplicity and clarity as the material you have is what you actually need without it being obscured by things that have no value to you anymore.

If you are like me, you will also feel as if the burden eased, since you lo longer have a “backpack” of obsolete things, and you will then also feel freer due to getting rid of unnecessary meetings and tasks, so that you have more time left over to work on what really propels you and your business forward.

How do you do it?

What is you way of making sure you have just about enough of what you need, neither more nor less? Leave a comment to let me and others know.

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