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11 May

Four things you should attend to right away

Date: 2011-05-11 15:59 Comments: 0 st

Some things are easy to procrastinate. It is both understandable and there can definitely be good reason for doing so.
But, here are four things you really should get to right away, as soon as possible, and you will soon find out why.

Why these four? Well, all of them represent painful experiences, which came at a high cost that I have gained over the years.
By presenting you this structural tip, I sincerely hope that you will not have to make the same bitter mistakes as I have.

The Gang of Four

  1. Book train- /flight-tickets & hotel room. If you book early, you stand a better chance at getting a favorable price. The probability increases that you will get a seat in a departure which suits you optimally. And is it not nice to stay at the hotel which is closest to where you are going? Am I right to say that you probably transport yourself enough anyway? Book your tickets in time in order to create the most convenient itinerary possible. It is better to be flexible and open to rescheduling or cancelling of the ticket rather than making the original booking last minute.
  2. Send over the material you promised someone at the meeting you just left (that is, materials you already have easily accessible).First of all, it gives a terrific impression. Besides, it will be done in no time, leaving you time to prepare yourself for the next meeting. If the recipient needs it to move on with the tasks she took responsibility of completing at the meeting, she will be eternally grateful to have it on her desk sooner rather than later.
  3. Schedule separate slots of time to do to-do-tasks which need to be completed before ... Immediately after defining the task that has a “sharp” deadline, schedule time in the agenda to complete it. Otherwise the calendar tends fill up quickly with appointments and you therefore risk having to sit up late at night to do what actually had the highest priority during the day.
  4. Reschedule the meeting you already know will need to be rescheduled (even if it feels awkward that it is the second time you postpone it). Do it right away, so that the likelihood that you will find a new time for the appointment soon increases and so that time isn’t lost for nothing. Do it immediately, because it will feel even more embarrassing and awkward the closer to the appointed time you call to reschedule.

No agony

If you do these tasks and tasks similar to them right away, you will spare yourself plenty of unnecessary anguish and agony, delays and hard over-time work.

Some of these tasks tend to generate other awkward tasks if they are initiated too late (a late rescheduling of an urgent meeting could for example cause a further rescheduling of a meeting with lower priority).

“Domino effect” is the phrase we are looking for.

How do you do it?

What is your way of always being one step ahead of yourself in your planning and scheduling? Help me and others by sharing your best tip here on the blog.

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