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08 May

It’s easy

Date: 2017-05-08 13:31 Comments: 0 st

For those of us who wish to refine how we work so that we get a smoother workday, it is a true privilege that the opportunity to try new things arise so often. Every day - well, even several times a day - we have the possibility to choose doing something in a new, more structured manner instead of falling back into old habits that have caused us more pain than gain.

Start often
It is therefore easy to begin changing our habits. However, it is just as easy to fall back into old tracks - either soon after starting fresh or after having acted according to the new way for quite a while. Luckily, it is also easy to start over after falling off the wagon, and go at it again, doing the new thing we wish to make into a habit. And we can do this often. In fact, the more often we start over, and over, the easier it will be to adopt the new habit that will make life and work flow smoother.

Predicting the future is difficult
But some of us tend to give up after failing to stick to our plan. We give up because we are disappointed in ourselves or we come to the conclusion that we will not be successful in the future only because we were not successful right now. That’s a bit rash and harsh, wouldn’t you say? Today’s failure does not determine the outcome of tomorrow’s efforts.

At it again
If we refrain from concluding that we are doomed to perpetual failure and instead alter the habit we wish to establish slightly, we are ready to have another go. You might still fail this time as well, but we can always make more adjustments and start over - every time.

Do this

  1. Choose a habit concerning your structure that you have fallen out of sync with and have wanted to try again for a while now, yet you have not been able to successfully reestablish it.

  2. Ask yourself when you think the next opportunity to begin or practice the habit will be?

  3. Agree with yourself that you will begin applying the habit at this time.

  4. Make at least one small improvement or alternation to the habit or action, meaning do something different this time compared to how you last did it, something you believe will make it easier to sustain the habit.

  5. Think of a way to remind yourself of when you will recommence the habit. Paste a note, set a reminder or do something else that makes you aware that the time for beginning again has come.

Easier to change if we start over often
When you take advantage of the fact that it is easy to start over often, it will become easier to create lasting change and improve your working methods. You practice changing habits, which is a tremendous important skill for anyone living in a society and environment that undergoes continuous, swift and significant development. Resilience is a true asset.

How do you manage to change?
How do you make it easier for yourself to establish a habit you wish to adopt? Do you have any aids, tools or tricks you find useful? Feel free to share in a comment. 

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