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10 Nov

Fast progress on several fronts

Date: 2010-11-10 10:03 Comments: 0 st

Presumably, there are days when your to-do-list just keeps growing, when most of the tasks are bigger and more time consuming, so you have difficulties applying the two-minute rule.?? If you would have had a lot of short and simple tasks on the list, it would have been easier, because then you would have been able to take fifteen minutes to quickly handle a handful of two-minute tasks.

Now it feels like you’re stuck with the task that you “simply have to” do right now and you see no light ahead, because next in line is yet another mega task to be dealt with.??You feel stressed because you know that several clients are waiting for you to come back to them with different materials.

Ahead of yourself or lagging behind?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could move forward quickly with many of the tasks on the to-do-list? It wouldn’t hurt if you knew you were ahead instead of lagging behind, and due to this felt a surge of energy, now would it???You see, you work better and get better results if you feel positive and energetic, rather than like a sunken ship and a victim of your workload.

Do this

  1. Allocate 15 minutes when you’re able to work with focus. Even if you’ve got an awful lot to do, you’ll have time to do this. It’s not more than a coffee break, an unexpected phone call or a colleague’s spontaneous visit to your room.
  2. Choose five to-do tasks from your to-do list. It is either tasks that are next in line in terms of priority, or tasks that have been on the list for a long period of time for which you have a bad conscience.
  3. Even if the tasks are five massive tasks, ask yourself for each one of them: What can I do on this task in two minutes, even if it doesn’t mean that I will complete the whole task??? Can you quickly send an email to the one who is waiting? Can you google an address, you’ll need later? Can you make a quick phone call? Can you come up with a brief agenda for the meeting? Can you read an email with the information you have to make a decision on later? Quickly print a list of statistics to work with this afternoon?
  4. Work for two minutes on each of the five tasks. 
  5. When the fifteen minutes have passed, continue with the major task you worked on earlier. If you allow for more time than two minutes, you are letting your own priorities down and you will think that this was a bad tip.?

Afterwards, you will feel that you’ve gotten a lot done in a short time and that you have advanced on many fronts simultaneously.

Will this really turn out to be effective?

Maybe you are thinking that this will result in many scattered, unfinished tasks that you won’t have time to finish???Well, you’re right.??But, I don’t recommend that you work like this all the time (since then the day will become too chopped up), only work like this when you feel that you’ve been busy with a single task for too long and you feel frustrated that you don’t progress with anything else.

When you return to the tasks that you’ve worked with for two minutes, you will notice how good it feels that “someone” already started doing them. This is much nicer than starting from scratch.??So, in the right situation, this method is unbeatable.

How do you do it?

How do you do to quickly make progress on multiple tasks simultaneously?

Please leave a comment below.

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