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23 Nov

”I am unsuccessful in becoming more structured. What am I doing wrong?”

Date: 2011-11-23 11:00 Comments: 2 st

Are you in despair when it comes to your personal structure?

Did you attempt to make improvements a while ago, but were unsuccessful and now think you are a truly hopeless case?

Do not despair.

No situation is impossible or hopeless.
You can always manage to improve at least something.
Even the smallest change is for the better if it makes even the slightest difference in your life.

Perhaps you are just making one of the following two mistakes?

The first mistake: Everything at once

You believe that you have to change everything instantly. Instead try to just take a single step, but in the right direction.

  1. Only chose one area which you want to change at a time.
  2. Decide that, for instance, “this month I will improve my project-overview”
  3. Take a moment or two to find good examples of how to go about this change, that is, Google it, read posts in the Structure Blog, pose an open question to your friends on Facebook, ask your colleagues, find a book you can borrow from the library (or, by all means, hire a Struktör).
  4. When you feel that you have found a format that suits you, make a rough draft of the change, which by no means needs to be perfect.
  5. Try it for a period of time.
  6. When you feel you need to, refine it and try again for a while.

The second mistake: Technology before method

You purchased the latest gadget that has every feature possible and you believe it is enough just to possess it, that it will automatically solve all your problems. It will probably solve some of them by that you, for example, start to synchronize your different digital tools in a new way. But, after some time, the system will prove to be inadequate, overflow, and you will be back where you started.

Ultimately, you need to alter your entire method. The method is almost completely independent of what tools you are using.

So, make sure you can say “Yes, I do that.” to the following four suggestions. If not, then you know where you need to start making changes.

  1. Empty the e-mail inbox every day.
  2. Write down everything you need to do.
  3. Make a decision regarding what you need to do with every e-mail the first time you read it.
  4. Go through all your projects, your to-do-list and your calendar at least once every week.

What is your way?

Do you experience that you are making an entirely different mistake, but aren’t exactly sure of what it is? Tell me and others by leaving a comment and we might be able to help you with combined efforts.


Sania Tanvir

Sania Tanvir writes:

#1 - 2012-10-04, 08:23

I keep going in circles. I leave things unfinished and i hop around and the net result yields to nothing.

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#2 - 2012-10-04, 16:03

Sania: Thanks for sharing. I do recognize that feeling. Instead of deciding to focus on one single thing (no matter how small) until it is finished, we lose direction by letting us get distracted by everything else we have to do that we see and come to think of. For me, getting rid of every thinkable visual distraction is a step towards something better.



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