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16 Sep

Write the email now and have it sent when it suits you

Datum: 2021-09-16 12:45

Have you ever had to work very late one night and right after final­ly send­ing those last emails that have been hang­ing over your head a few hours past mid­night the thing you least expect­ed hap­pens — some­one responds straight away?

Use this func­tion to escape hav­ing to expe­ri­ence that from now on. Let me show you!

In the video, I men­tion the mail plu­g­in Mail­but­ler — a ser­vice I myself use all the time, to great benefit.

Mail­but­ler gives my view­ers a 10% dis­count on the sub­scrip­tion if you use the code stdvmb10” when check­ing out!

Find Mail­but­ler here: https://​www​.mail​but​ler​.io/