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18 Jun

Worst things first

Date: 2010-06-18 09:43 Comments: 2 st

Every now and then, I am invited to speak about structure and productivity at breakfast- or lunch-seminars hosted by business networks, business associations etc.

A short while ago, it was at a Rotary Club in Kungälv, Sweden, and again I was astonished by with what warmth the Rotarians receive their guests (me included). As tradition dictates, I had the privilege to sit at the president’s table and we began to talk about my title, Struktör, and what it means that I do.

He said:

“Good. I would like to share something that I have learned about structure and that I have had great use of ever since. After a long career in the corporate world, I got a managerial position at the Counties Agency. It was a role that entailed a lot of “uncomfortable” tasks, such as delivering unfavourable decisions etc.

I soon decided to get the uncomfortable tasks done immediately on Monday morning, the first thing I do. Otherwise, I would procrastinate and worry all day and later in the afternoon, I would neither be in mental shape nor in the right mood to make those calls. But, if I make the troublesome calls in the early Monday morning, I get lightened and then the rest of the week is characterized by pure joy.”

To me, that sounds brilliant in all its simplicity. That is definitely something that I will try.

How do you do to cope with those uncomfortable, unpleasant, troublesome tasks?

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Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog writes:

#1 - 2010-06-21, 18:01

I try to take time to reflect and introspect during the weekend, doing my weekly review. I will then try to prepare and tackle the “challenging” tasks in a good way so I can have a great start of the week on Monday. Your podcast is a great start of the week, arriving in my inbox on Monday morning, at 8:45 AM CET. If I want to have some extra fuel for my soul during the weekend, I go to the RSS feed on Sunday and check if you already have uploaded the audio file.

Talking about Rotary, I want to welcome you to Lindholmen Rotary on November 4.

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#2 - 2010-06-21, 21:30

Martin: I see. So, I understand that the president’s method works fine for you too.

I look forward to meet your Rotary club in November!

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