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27 Nov

Why I never board a plane among the first passengers

Date: 2018-11-27 19:18 Comments: 2 st

I truly enjoy optimizing the numerous small processes that my work and my workdays consist of.

Take "to board a flight", for instance.

I have found a way to stay as productive as possible even as I am leaving on a jet plane.

In this short video, I tell you how.




Karin writes:

#1 - 2018-12-04, 14:46

I travel by train and/or bus. It keeps me much more focused and gives me more kept-together time than does flying and/or driving a car.

For shorter transportation, I walk or go by bike. That will give me a healthy body and also a focused mind once I arrive.


David writes:

#2 - 2018-12-10, 09:39

Karin: Excellent. I agree that the train delivers more kept-together time than flying and when it stays on schedule and the distance is reasonable, it is just perfect. I must say that I definitely enjoy walking and biking as well. Sometimes I wish that I had a shorter distance from my home to where I work. But, then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to visit other beautiful towns than mine - like Lund, for instance. smile

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