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03 Dec

When Västernorrland gave me a new insight

Date: 2010-12-03 09:50 Comments: 0 st

This week I spent for the most part in Kramfors, a sawmill town on the Swedish High Coast in Västernorrland, which according to a classic skit is both “bright and beautiful” (while Dals Långed is “pure hell” (which is unfair)).

I had the pleasure to hold three seminars on personal productivity during three days, for 60 managers from the local municipal administration. The third day something happened that happens every once in a while and that makes me enthusiastic every time - a participant says something that gives me a whole new insight. Sometimes it’s about a new trick, and sometimes we find a previously hidden aspect of the structure topic together.

On Wednesday, we talked about contexts, i.e. in what situation we need to be to do what we have to do. Anita said:

“If I feel that we need to be in the office, at the computer, by the phone and together with a specific colleague to work with a certain task, then I have probably defined the to-do task too large. I should break it up into smaller steps.”

That is so true. And, I had not thought of that particular indication that a task is too large before. Thank you, Anita!

Moreover, while in Kramfors I experienced how difficult it is to maintain your balance when you are running fast on a treadmill and the gym is suddenly pitch dark because the lights were set on timers, at Hotel Höga Kusten I ate the most delicious meatloaf I have ever eaten and I got to feel what it was like to run with spikes on my shoes in 16 degrees Celsius below zero (it hurt and I enjoyed it a lot).

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