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11 Dec

To see your accomplishments as a swimming pool

Date: 2009-12-11 10:28 Comments: 0 st

This autumn I have again had the opportunity to work with a group of entrepreneurs within a project called “Spira” (in English “spire”) here in Gothenburg. In this project, ten fresh entrepreneurs get help building their business during six intense months.

My assignment was to give a talk and to hold a workshop on how to formulate a long term vision and how to break it down into short term, detailed goals and milestones to guide you on an average workday. A month later, I met with every individual entrepreneur to work on their particular questions and challenges, regarding how to reach your long term goal as easily as possible.

When I sat down with illustrator and designer Cecilia Pettersson, we talked about how to visualize how far she has come on everyone of her action plans toward her vision. I believe in visualizing these things in a way that foremost appeals to whom the visualization is intended for, rather than doing it in “the correct way”, according to the textbook. Then, it is more probable that the visualization is used every day, instead of being put away in a ring binder somewhere.

For some reason, we came to talk about her business’ way toward its vision as a swimming pool with a number of lanes, where the lanes represented products and concepts that each and everyone needed to reach the full length, all the way into the tile.

About a week ago, I got an e-mail from Cecilia.

She told me that she had developed the swimming pool metaphor even further and that she had visualized it in a sketch, that you will find here.

I think it is fabulous. In an easy way, she can see how far in its process every product concept has gotten, from the first cold call to a potential customer, all the way to being sold on the open market. I can easily imagine the sweet feeling of extending the colored bar one step to the right, after I have accomplished yet another step toward my vision.

What is your way of measuring how far you have come on your road ahead? Leave a comment below.

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