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28 Dec

Three words for 2010

Datum: 2009-12-28 07:33

Now, there are just a few days left of this fan­tas­tic 2009, and although I enjoy the time off between Christ­mas and New Year, my thoughts are already far into 2010.

Navid Modiri asked me the oth­er day what my key­words for 2010 are. I love such food for thought.

After a few sec­onds of after­thought, it was clear to me that I want my year 2010 to be char­ac­ter­ized by har­vest, plea­sure and renew­al. In Swedish that is skörd, njut­ning, förnyelse”.

To remind me of this in every­day life, I took a thick, white A4 paper, wrote these words big with my pen of choice, and put it on the wall in my office. 

I will see these words spon­ta­neous­ly a few times a day and they will influ­ence how I pri­or­i­tize among tasks. That you can count on.

What are your key­words for 2010

Please leave a com­ment below. I’m curi­ous to hear your thoughts.