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20 Jun

The trap that will make you remember

Datum: 2012-06-20 12:00

There are occa­sions when we sim­ply can­not for­get to do or bring something. 

Writ­ing it on the to-do-list or in the cal­en­dar is all very well, but then you need to remem­ber to look where you have not­ed it as well, before you leave home.

When you have a lot on your plate and in intense peri­ods, your thoughts might be else­where when you step out­side your door, and with­out think­ing of it you have brought some­thing you should have left behind.

Set the trap!

Suc­cumb to play­ing it safe, and do not try to remem­ber this one impor­tant thing as well as all the oth­er things you have on your mind. Make it easy – use a trigger. 

A trig­ger is some­thing you arrange and set up for your­self, almost like a trap, in order to remem­ber some­thing with­out active­ly try­ing to remem­ber it.

  • It can for instance be that you put you car-keys in the bag you can­not for­get to bring. Then you will not be phys­i­cal­ly capa­ble of leav­ing with­out remem­ber­ing to bring the bag.
  • Hang out­go­ing mail in a doc­u­ment clip in the door­way, so that you lit­er­al­ly walk into them as you are on your way out.
  • Write what you need to remem­ber on a note which you then place at the spot where you place you feet as you get out of bed in the morn­ing. The first thing you step on when you wake up will be your reminder for what you can­not forget. 
  • Tie the cord of the mobile phone charg­er to your key-chain so that you remem­ber to unplug and bring your phone as you are grab­bing your keys. 
  • Con­struct an ana­gram using the first let­ters in the items you wish to remem­ber to bring every day. Make a habit out of say­ing the ana­gram out loud before leav­ing the house, and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly check to see that all the items are packed. Or, get your­self a door-mat with the print Cell-phone, keys, wallet”. 

The reminder might of course also be some­thing sim­pler such as set­ting an alarm in your dig­i­tal to-do-list on your com­put­er, in your cal­en­dar or on your phone.

Remem­ber effortlessly 

If you con­struct your own trig­ger, you will nev­er have to wor­ry but can relax know­ing that you will be remind­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly. If this isn’t effi­cient, I don’t know what it. You allow for some­thing else to do the work for you rather than mak­ing great effort to remem­ber it by yourself. 

Do this

  1. Think about it – what do you tend to for­get to bring?
  2. If you were to cre­ate a trig­ger aid­ing you and keep­ing you from hav­ing to turn your car around half-way to work, what would it be? 
    • It might be an object that will keep you from just going ahead with your usu­al pro­ce­dure, which will make you stop and think for a sec­ond. If this appears to be a good idea, put some­thing in the way of yourself. 
    • It might be some­thing forc­ing you to take a dif­fer­ent route to get out, with­out which your progress will be halt­ed. Place the key you need next to what you need to remem­ber to bring.
    • Let a gad­get call on your atten­tion. Set an alarm or set a reminder on your phone. 
    • Place some­thing where you usu­al­ly do not have it, so that you react and there­by remem­ber what to bring, such as your wed­ding-ring on the wrong finger.
    • Remem­ber before you need to. Place what you need to bring in the pock­et of the pants you will wear. 
  3. Try the trig­ger, eval­u­ate its effi­cien­cy and refine the process for next time you need its help. 

No need to turn the car around – relax instead 

If you make use of trig­gers, you will not for­get as much and be forced to turn the car around halfway to work as often as you might do at present. You can relax know­ing that you will not for­get to bring that one impor­tant item tomor­row. Per­haps it will give help you get a good night’s rest before you big day. 

What a relief! 

What’s you way?

What is your water-proof method to ensure that you bring what you should and nev­er for­get the impor­tant must-haves? Leave a com­ment to share your wisdom!