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20 Jun

The trap that will make you remember

Date: 2012-06-20 12:00 Comments: 0 st

There are occasions when we simply cannot forget to do or bring something.

Writing it on the to-do-list or in the calendar is all very well, but then you need to remember to look where you have noted it as well, before you leave home.

When you have a lot on your plate and in intense periods, your thoughts might be elsewhere when you step outside your door, and without thinking of it you have brought something you should have left behind.

Set the trap!

Succumb to playing it safe, and do not try to remember this one important thing as well as all the other things you have on your mind. Make it easy – use a trigger.

A trigger is something you arrange and set up for yourself, almost like a trap, in order to remember something without actively trying to remember it.

  • It can for instance be that you put you car-keys in the bag you cannot forget to bring. Then you will not be physically capable of leaving without remembering to bring the bag.
  • Hang outgoing mail in a document clip in the doorway, so that you literally walk into them as you are on your way out.
  • Write what you need to remember on a note which you then place at the spot where you place you feet as you get out of bed in the morning. The first thing you step on when you wake up will be your reminder for what you cannot forget.
  • Tie the cord of the mobile phone charger to your key-chain so that you remember to unplug and bring your phone as you are grabbing your keys.
  • Construct an anagram using the first letters in the items you wish to remember to bring every day. Make a habit out of saying the anagram out loud before leaving the house, and simultaneously check to see that all the items are packed. Or, get yourself a door-mat with the print “Cell-phone, keys, wallet”.

The reminder might of course also be something simpler such as setting an alarm in your digital to-do-list on your computer, in your calendar or on your phone.

Remember effortlessly

If you construct your own trigger, you will never have to worry but can relax knowing that you will be reminded automatically. If this isn’t efficient, I don’t know what it. You allow for something else to do the work for you rather than making great effort to remember it by yourself.

Do this

  1. Think about it – what do you tend to forget to bring?
  2. If you were to create a trigger aiding you and keeping you from having to turn your car around half-way to work, what would it be?
    • It might be an object that will keep you from just going ahead with your usual procedure, which will make you stop and think for a second. If this appears to be a good idea, put something in the way of yourself.
    • It might be something forcing you to take a different route to get out, without which your progress will be halted. Place the key you need next to what you need to remember to bring.
    • Let a gadget call on your attention. Set an alarm or set a reminder on your phone.
    • Place something where you usually do not have it, so that you react and thereby remember what to bring, such as your wedding-ring on the wrong finger.
    • Remember before you need to. Place what you need to bring in the pocket of the pants you will wear.
  3. Try the trigger, evaluate its efficiency and refine the process for next time you need its help.

No need to turn the car around – relax instead

If you make use of triggers, you will not forget as much and be forced to turn the car around halfway to work as often as you might do at present. You can relax knowing that you will not forget to bring that one important item tomorrow. Perhaps it will give help you get a good night’s rest before you big day.

What a relief!

What’s you way?

What is your water-proof method to ensure that you bring what you should and never forget the important must-haves? Leave a comment to share your wisdom!

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