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30 Dec

The great year of 2011

Date: 2011-12-30 11:00 Comments: 0 st

And so the year of 2011 has come to an end. It has been a fun year for me, in more ways than one.

Now I know more

I have learned a lot this year when working on my various assignments. It has been a true pleasure to get insight into companies and industries I otherwise would have come nowhere near.

I held two courses in efficiency for Siemens in Finspång in January, and learned how a steam turbine works, which I previously had no idea of. 

In February and a couple of months after that, I helped an exceptionally motivated and focused project-manager at SAAB in Linköping to improve his work-structure through individual sessions. While doing so I learned a great deal of how the aviation-industry operates and functions.

Just before the summer I got to see and experience the large amount of things an account manager in a real-estate company need to handle simultaneously, when doing individual sessions with Trollängen Bostads AB.

From working with Förlagssystem I learned how to get the maximum utility and value for your money when purchasing consultant services. The carefully selected and combined package of services they assembled for my combined course- and individual session-day with them in August was simply brilliant.

During the spring and fall I have seen the staffing- and recruitment-industry from within when working with Proffice and Experis (previously Manpower Professional).

I learned how closely you can cooperate with the final customer from the orthopedic company Zimmer (who just so happens to be very good at doing so) and how organizations are affected by financial cutbacks when working for Trygghetsrådet (whose customers consist of organizations in the process of liquidation).

In conjunction with a course I gave for Swedish National Board of Trade in September, I had the great privilege of meeting Sweden’s most prominent expert on anti-dumping-tariffs and suddenly find myself knowing a little about what it is like to be a Chinese bicycle-producer.

Another area which I now consider myself more knowledgeable in is hair-replacements. I held a course on structure for the management team at Carl M Lundh in October, which is part of the world leading company Aderans. They also taught me that you say “on Limhamn”, not “in Limhamn” (as most Swedes say when speaking of Limhamn, a suburb to Malmö).

In November I got some insight into how a typical day of a corporate insurance salesman at Trygg-Hansa looks. How do you plan electric installations at large construction-sites? Well, I learned how when giving a course at Rowida this past fall. Grant Thornton enlightened me of the more delicate challenges in the accounting-industry while I gave a series of talks in Stockholm and Helsingborg for them during the past year.

And in the last couple of weeks I have been utterly fascinated by the success-story of the company Roxtecs based in Karlskrona, which the employee I am helping through individual sessions at the moment, have entrusted me with.

Nice people

A true indulgence in my line of work is that I on a daily basis get to meet so many different people. When considering the degree of “coziness”, pleasant working-environment and positive interaction, a few assignments in particular stand out.

I have never before been so well looked after when giving lectures as I was by Attendo when delivering talks for them in Nynäshamn and Varberg. I am giving another talk for a different department in January, and am truly looking forward to doing so.

I have been deeply impressed by the incredibly pleasant atmosphere amongst the staff I have met at The Absolut Company when holding courses for them throughout the year.

To get such a warm reception as I got when giving courses to the geriatric care in Haninge Kommun last spring and Göteborgs Stads Intraservice this fall, really makes a lecturer’s day!
And not to be forgotten, few arrange courses as carefully and thought-through as Kompetensutveckling i Varberg.

(This is really beginning to sound like an acceptance speech from the Oscars, but it is all worth mentioning – not only thinking it.)

Almost colleagues

In some respects I can be considered a “social loner” since I like people a lot but prefer to work alone, but I must say that some of the longer collaborations I have had during the year (and which continue this year) have provided me with the benefits of having colleagues.

I got a great “touring with the band”-feeling when being on the road with the management-network Selldorado during the fall and doing seminar-days together with the lecturer Pelle Mårtensson.

Jesper Larsson and I taught the communications-department at the Swedish National Police Board to give Pecha Kucha-presentations just before Christmas, and just as when I give lectures together with Navid Modiri, it is great to have another lecturer on stage who takes turns teaching.

I even acquired Norwegian colleagues when working on the “a whole day of efficiency”-concept I developed in collaboration with Cecilie Thunem-Saanum and Pål Stavrum.

Exceptional motivation

It has been said that you become like those you surround yourself with.
I sure hope that the motivation and energy I have encountered in the entrepreneurs who participated in Academy of Excellence during the spring and fall has rubbed off on me.

And if my business can achieve the same growth rate as BRP Systems in Linköping, which I have worked with during six months, I will be more than happy. Let me put it this way; the number of people attending our final meeting had significantly increased from the number attending the first.

Write, write, write

Writing has also been a distinguishing feature for this year. I have spent many days in solitude, sitting comfortably in my beanbag, writing on my coming book on structure. It has emerged during many hours of solitude by the computer while on an airplane, on a train or at an airport. Few places inspire me to write in such deep concentration as these.

Making ends meet

The fact that Stiernholm Consulting has had a larger turnover this year than any previous year is of course also good news.

Moving forward with confidence

And so now we turn a page as 2012 swiftly approaches.
I believe I have quite a few things to look forward to this year. When I tried to outline what I knew about the year to come in January 2011, I could foresee almost none of the marvelous experiences which were to come and which I have outline here.

So therefore I am glad to already know that:

  • I will be writing a structure-school in Swedish major morning paper Dagens Nyheter during the months of winter
  • I will be giving a talk at a conference for roofers during Mars in Madrid, Spain
  • My first book “Klart! Bli superstrukturerad på 31 dagar” (translated as ”Done! Become super-structured in 31 days”) will be published on the 12th of April
  • I will do a tour with seminars to eight cities together with Conferator Kompetens in conjuncture with the book-release in April

I also hope that 2012 will be a fun year – for you, for me, for Stiernholm Consulting.

Happy New Year!

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