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19 Jun

Schedule meetings smartly!

Datum: 2013-06-19 11:39

Do you attend meet­ings that repeat­ed­ly exceed the set time-frame? Accord­ing to the notice it is sup­posed to end at 2 pm but as the clock strikes 2.30 pm it is still going strong and you are forced to excuse your­self and leave the meet­ing early”.

Per­haps it con­cerns some form of recur­ring meet­ing forum (such as a work­place meet­ing, a coor­di­na­tion meet­ing for project X, or a man­age­ment meet­ing) that repeat­ed­ly takes longer than it is sched­uled to.

Wouldn’t every­thing be much eas­i­er if we could depend on that the meet­ing ends when it is sup­posed to? The dai­ly sched­ule would hold and we might even find that we have a few min­utes to spare here and there instead of con­stant­ly being behind sched­ule, always run­ning to the next meet­ing and arriv­ing short of breath.


Late­ly I have received a few good tips from read­ers of the Struc­ture Blog which I think are very clever. Both tips increase the like­li­hood that our meet­ings are held with­in the set time-frames. I wouldn’t wish to with­hold them from my Done!-readers, so here they are.

Do this

? Tip num­ber 1

Sched­ule meet­ings that tend to take longer than they are ini­tial­ly intend­ed to right before lunch, and the par­tic­i­pants will all try to wrap the meet­ing up so that they have time to go for lunch at say noon.

? Tip num­ber 2

Sched­ule inter­nal meet­ings one right after anoth­er, and there­by forc­ing” the first meet­ing to end on time, since the par­tic­i­pants need to fin­ish the meet­ing in order to make their next meet­ing on time.

On time, but effortlessly

If you sched­ule your meet­ings at a smart time you have inten­tion­al­ly thought out on before­hand, you will in your role as leader of the meet­ing need to make less effort to make the meet­ing end on time. The par­tic­i­pants will help you deter­mine what the next steps are either con­scious­ly or not, since they also will want the meet­ing to end when it is sup­posed to.

What is your way?

How do you make sure your meet­ings end on time? Write a com­ment and spread your best tip.