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19 Sep

Remember and do the right thing in the right location

Date: 2012-09-19 12:00 Comments: 0 st

How often do you think thoughts such as “When I’m there anyway, I might as well …”?

It might be that someone told you that “you just have to” go see an amazing building the next time you are in Toronto.

Or it can be buying passe-partout-paper in the art supplies store the next time you are eating lunch at that nice restaurant next door to the store.

Perhaps you are planning to stop by and say hello to a former colleague when you are attending a meeting in the same building as he works in. 

Thinking that you will is one thing, but remembering it something entirely different.

Not when, but where

This concerns to-do-tasks that you catch a glimpse of every time you skim through your to-do-list, but it is not time-constraints that determine if you can do them or not; it depends on the location you are in.

Just because you have a few minutes to spare that does not mean you can pop by your former colleague’s office; you need to be in the same location to meet.

Get as much as possible out of where you are

You need to find a way to store your location-specific to-do-tasks so that you as automatically and easily as possible will be reminded what you can do where you are currently at.

Naturally, you want it to find what you can do while you happen to be in a certain location both easily and quickly.

Do this

Today I will give you three suggestions to what you can do.

  1. Give your to-do-tasks a location-prefix

    Decide that when you write them down, you will always start these types of tasks with for instance “In Oslo,…” or “In Doha,…” or with a more specific location.

    This way it will be easy to organize the tasks alphabetically in your to-do-list (or search for tasks by location) and easily find the things you could do in this particular location.

    If you want to, you can create a specific context for these types of tasks, for example “@Location”. That way you will be able to filter out all the tasks which are not location-specific and it will be even easier to find the tasks you can do here and now.

    As you can see, the key to being successful at using location-prefixes is that you are consistent in how you define your tasks.
  2. Create one, and only one, mindmap over the cities and locations, and of the tips you have gotten as to what you can do, what you could see, and who you should meet while you are there.

    When you are heading to a certain location, open the mindmap on your computer and see if you should schedule to do any of the tasks or follow up on any of the tips you have gotten. 
  3. Use an app that will alert you to what you have decided to do in a certain location as you are approaching the very same location.

    If you have an iPhone, there is for instance the app Spot in mind which will send you a text-message when you are in a location that you have previously marked on the map. If you are using Android, combining the apps Locale and Astrid will provide you with the same service.

Never miss out again!

If you use one of the above methods, you will create a place where you store all the great tips and recommendations you get from friends, acquaintances and fancy magazines, with ease.

You simply will not have to remember them anymore. By having a clear process through which you channel and save all the tips you receive, the probability that you will remember to actually do or see them all when in a certain town or place, drastically increases.

What is your way?

How do you make sure to get reminded of what to do where you are at present? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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