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19 Feb

Podcast: Done! No. 587 - How to capture the essence of lively chats

Datum: 2024-02-19 08:45
A blur of colorful lights in the shape of speech bubbles.

Have you missed some­thing impor­tant in a fast-paced chat flow?

This week’s episode of Done! - No. 587 — is about the three kinds of chat mes­sages that you need to look out for when the chat is hectic.

How do you bal­ance hav­ing free, live­ly chats and more for­mal­ized chan­nels with the same peo­ple? How do you keep them sep­a­rate? And how do you han­dle it when things risk get­ting messy?

Please write to me and let me know. This ques­tion is becom­ing more rel­e­vant for many, and I’m curi­ous to hear your best tip.

Here’s how a sim­ple some­time, maybe” list can help you declut­ter your main to-do list and keep you focused on what tru­ly matters.

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