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27 Nov

Podcast: Done! No. 577 - Is reading emails in batches right for you?

Datum: 2023-11-27 08:45
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Should you read emails in batch­es now and then or instead indi­vid­u­al­ly, as you receive them?

In this week’s episode of Done! - No. 577 — you will learn excit­ing find­ings from a recent study that will guide you.

What approach have you found to email han­dling that fits you? Please write to me and let me know. When it’s time to read emails next time, I’ll read yours — with great inter­est. Warm­ly wel­come to get in touch.

If you do your week­ly run-through togeth­er with a col­league, you might suc­ceed more easily.

Prefer reading before listening?

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Done! is also available as a free newsletter to your email, if you prefer to read rather than listen (or both!).

I want to try it!