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06 Nov

Podcast: Done! No. 574 - Create shortcuts where you often search by mistake

Datum: 2023-11-06 08:45
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Have you ever wast­ed time look­ing for a file you thought you had?

This episode of Done! — No. 574 — is about an often for­got­ten func­tion that will pre­vent that from hap­pen­ing again. 

Have you used these short­cuts in a cre­ative way that you are delight­ed with? Then write to me and tell me. As you know, I’m always look­ing for new, intel­li­gent tricks, so your tip is warm­ly wel­come. This episode’s theme, for exam­ple, I got a tip from Thomas, who emailed me.

Almost first in the episode, I men­tion a blog post about how to find out how soon some­time soon” is.

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