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09 Oct

Podcast: Done! No. 570 - Does music make you finish your work faster?

Datum: 2023-10-09 08:45
Dark-haired man in a light linen blazer and white shirt without a tie sits at his laptop and works while listening to music in white headphones.

If you lis­ten to music — does that influ­ence the out­come of your work?

Episode No. 570 of Done! is about the ben­e­fit of lis­ten­ing to music while working.

Here’s the study I mention.

What works best for you when it comes to lis­ten­ing to music while work­ing? Is there some­thing that helps you or do you pre­fer com­plete silence? Write to me and let me know. This, like many oth­er aspects of struc­tur­ing your work­day, is some­thing that inter­ests me a lot. I’m there­fore curi­ous to hear how you do it.

Do you know these four tricks to help you pri­or­i­tize impor­tant tasks?

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Young, red-haired businessman in a medium-blue suit and tie sits at a Japanese restaurant eating tonkatsu while reading something on his phone.

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