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28 Aug

Podcast: Done! No. 564 - How to create great hybrid meetings

Datum: 2023-08-28 08:45
Four colleagues around a meeting table meet with six other participants on a large TV screen on the wall. A hybrid meeting, that is.

How are you sup­posed to cre­ate valu­able meet­ings now, when some par­tic­i­pants work at the office and some attend from home?

In episode No. 564, I share an expert’s advice on how to make your hybrid meet­ings the best they can be.

Do you have any addi­tion­al tips to make hybrid meet­ings effec­tive and reward­ing? Please write to me and let me know. As you sure­ly under­stand, this is a high­ly rel­e­vant ques­tion for many, so your tricks are warm­ly wel­comed. I am all ears.

The sim­ple Ital­ian method I men­tioned in the episode can help you retain focus — and remem­ber to take brakes.

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