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08 May

Podcast: Done! No. 556 - Turn your to-do list into a set table

Datum: 2023-05-08 08:45
A table set for a party, with plates, wine glasses and selter glasses. In the background, colored lights out of focus. The party is about to begin.

How close at hand do you have the infor­ma­tion you need to com­plete a task?

In episode No. 556 of Done!, I share a way to get your recur­ring tasks done even more easily.

What infor­ma­tion do you link to in your tasks to make your work eas­i­er? Tell me! I want to sim­pli­fy every aspect of my work, so I am curi­ous to know what tricks you have.

Have you heard? Todoist has added an AI assis­tant to their pop­u­lar to-do list app!

Would you rather read instead?

A suited businessman reads on his phone while riding the NY subway.

Done! is also available as a free newsletter to your email, if you prefer to read rather than listen (or both!).

I want to try it!