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24 Apr

Podcast: Done! No. 555 - Two tricks for remembering your new to-do list

Datum: 2023-04-24 08:45
A young, bearded man with turtoise rimmed glasses suddenly remembers that he has missed something he promised to do. He wears a grey hoodie in a white walled room.

You begin using a new to-do list app but as soon as things get stress­ful, you fall off the wagon. 

This week’s Done! No. 555 is about how to get the full effect of your new to-do list tool.

How did you man­age to quick­ly get used to a new to-do list? Write to me and tell me. I’m all ears and curi­ous about what you have to share.

Here’s what you can do to get recur­ring tasks done with less effort.

An old style mailbox on a street in New York in a beautiful sunlight.

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