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27 Feb

Podcast: Done! No. 548 - Three ways to get a break between meetings

Datum: 2023-02-27 08:45
A white haired man in a short white beard and black rimmed glasses sits at a wooden desk, leaning his chin in his left hand. Dressed in an indigo shirt, he looks thoughtful. Before him, on the desk, sits a laptop. He is obviously taking a break from work for a few minutes.

In Done! episode No. 548: How to feel less stressed and focus bet­ter, despite hav­ing many meet­ings in a day.

In the episode, I men­tion this blog post (or, video, rather) on how to add time buffers between meet­ings auto­mat­i­cal­ly.

Do you have any addi­tion­al tricks for get­ting air and breaks between your meet­ings? Tell me how you do it. This issue inter­ests me right now, so I am all ears.

Here is how to send tasks from OneNote to Microsoft To-Do.

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