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20 Feb

Podcast: Done! No. 547 - How to create a to-do task from a chat message in Teams

Datum: 2023-02-20 08:45
A screenshot from Microsoft Teams, showing the place in the chat pop-up menu where you can create a task from the chat message. A suited hand points at the menu item.

It is a clever move to cre­ate at to-do task from an email that means that you need to do some­thing that you do not do immediately.

But, did you know that you also can cre­ate a task from a chat mes­sage in Microsoft Teams?

In this episode, the 547th, I share how it is done.

Do you use anoth­er app for chats? How do you cre­ate to-do tasks from a chat mes­sage there? Please tell me. Few things bring me as much joy as sim­pli­fi­ca­tions like this and I want to keep learn­ing about clever ways to struc­ture our every­day lives, so I’m curi­ous to hear what you have come up with.

And, yes, time man­age­ment works and it makes you hap­pi­er, accord­ing to an inter­est­ing meta study.

Middle aged grey haired man in a white t-shirt reads on a laptop that stands on a kitchen counter. In his right hand: a green coffee mug.

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