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09 May

Podcast: Done! No. 517 - A new document gets old quickly

Datum: 2022-05-09 08:45

Nam­ing files and doc­u­ments in a good way is quite an art. A com­mon mis­take many peo­ple make is to name files and doc­u­ments in a far too imprac­ti­cal way when they want to save dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the same doc­u­ment. In this episode, the 517th, I share how do it clear­ly and effi­cient­ly instead.

How have you decid­ed to name ver­sions of files at your com­pa­ny? Write to me and share your method or syn­tax. I am very curi­ous to hear how you’ve solved this seem­ing­ly small but very annoy­ing problem. 

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