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24 Aug

Make a quick voice note with RecUp

Date: 2017-08-24 06:53 Comments: 4 st

Brilliant ideas can appear at any time - often when we are doing something entirely different from sitting peacefully at our desk, trying to think of brilliant ideas. We might be driving, out for a run, standing in line and - there it was! - suddenly we know with vivid clarity how we want to formulate that difficult email we have been meaning to send for a while, what to do next in the relationship with a client that has not been going so well for some time, or what great new service we want to develop next (you can hardly believe you haven’t thought of it before!).

Easy come, easy … you know the rest
But, ideas can be fleeting and if you, like I, have experienced having a great idea but lost it and cannot remember what that stroke of brilliance was about more than once, we need to catch the idea quickly so that we can take advantage of these moments of clarity and take action on our ideas. Our computer might not always be available and it might not be the best time to write down a long note on our phone, so how do we catch sudden ideas in moments like these before they are gone?

With the press of a button
I have found an app that solves this problem in a smooth and easy way.
When I open RecUp (available for iOs, meaning iPhone; here is an alternative for Android) I am faced with a single red button in the middle of the screen (you can’t miss it). I press it, record the idea I want to capture before it is gone, and press the button again. Done.

After the second pressing of the button, RecUp uploads the sound file (in mp3-format) to the Dropbox-folder I have designated as the location I want the file to end up in. The Dropbox-folder syncs with my computer as usual, and the idea can be safely filed away.

Since the recording is done with just the press of a disproportionally large red button, we can be sure that we catch fleeting ideas even in situations when we are not in a position to write lengthy notes on the phone.

Take the idea further automatically
If you want to make sure that the sound file does not get forgotten in a distant Dropbox-folder, you can allow the automation-service Zapier to send you an email with a link to the file so that you are reminded that you got and recorded an idea not too long ago. Or, let Zapier create a new to-do-task in Todoist (if that is where you keep your to-do-list) or a new card in Trello, that contains the first step of manifesting your idea.

Do this
If this sounds like a good idea to you - download RecUp and try it out. At the moment it costs $2, which I consider a reasonably low price in exchange for capturing more of those great flashes of inspiration and excellent ideas.

Free treasures
If you in this (or some other) way make sure to catch your ideas before they are gone and forgotten, you will get a lot of work done without any effort. Ideas come to us for free, like treasures bestowed upon us at unexpected moments - suddenly they are just there - and surely they are valuable, and worth gathering and saving as quickly and easily as possible.

How do you remember?
Do you have some other way of quickly capturing fleeting ideas? Please share in a comment!


Dénes Kellner

Dénes Kellner writes:

#1 - 2018-07-20, 01:52

Funny, I just finished a Windows app for the very same purpose smile The problem was very real and I wanted a solution.

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#2 - 2018-07-23, 06:14

Dénes: That sounds excellent! I have searched for a Windows solution for some time, but haven’t found any yet. I will definitely check out what you have created!

And, the problem you have solved is absolutely a real and very common one - for plenty of my clients (with or without Windows phone), so thanks!

Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal writes:

#3 - 2019-03-03, 08:21

Finally, I just found which I actually looking for, I go through many sites but now I Found the solution.
Thank you so much.
Smart Tech Response

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#4 - 2019-03-05, 17:09

Muhammad: I’m happy to hear that! You are welcome! Just let me know if you want more tips on apps that can help you get things done with less effort.


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