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12 Nov

Let Office 365 write your to do list for you

Datum: 2019-11-12 20:27

I have found a way to make your to do list write itself in Office 365 and I am eager to show you how.

Because, I guess that you too have things you do at work that you do more than once, maybe even quite often. And, they are not small tasks, but rather more like projects that each take more than a work­day, con­sist­ing of a num­ber of small tasks.

Sure­ly, you then don’t want to write all the todo tasks they con­sist of on your todo list manually?

Rather, would you not want them to appear on the list auto­mat­i­cal­ly, so that you can focus on doing things instead of on writ­ing that there’s things you have to do?

Here’s how.

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