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23 Mar

Lesson No. 9 in DN's course in structure

Datum: 2012-03-23 09:07

Last Sunday’s lesson in my ongoing course in structure in Sweden’s major morning paper Dagens Nyheter was about how to create the perfect week.

In English, it translates as follows:

“Get an overview of your life

When you live an intense life and you feel as if every day is either Monday or Friday, it is easy to loose your perspective. We work to progress fast forward with intensity, but is everything really on board? Are we remembering to work on what we in the near future will wish we had invested our time in today?

Take a moment a few times a month when you pause for a while and get yourself a complete overview of your life.

  • Go through all your major engagements, projects and deliveries and make sure that it is completely clear what you (or someone else for that matter) need to do next. Is the next step unclear and hence preventing progression of your projects?
  • Skim your to-do-list and cross out or tick everything you have finished. Make sure to enjoy every completed task.
  • Go through your list of what you are waiting for from others and remind whoever was supposed to get back to you if you spot something on the list which is getting increasingly urgent.
  • Go back a month in your calendar and make note of all the things you promised others you would do but still have not made into to-do-tasks. Now flip through the next month to come and make a mental note of the approaching deadlines. Reserve time in your calendar to do the tasks which you might otherwise not complete in time.”