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23 Oct

Jam on the brakes, or make the most of the situation?

Date: 2009-10-23 19:38 Comments: 0 st

The other day, I went down to Comwell Varbergs Kurort to give a talk to a company founded seventy years ago. I guess that, when you have been around as long as seventy years, you have experienced both ups and downs. Then, there’s a high probability that you have a sound perspective of what happens today. It was obvious that this company had just that.

They told me that the last four, five years have been extremely intense in their operation, so intense that they almost haven’t had time to stop and reflect. Instead, they have had full speed ahead. Just like for many other companies, their days are now somewhat calmer. But, instead of jamming on the brakes and holding their breaths in panic, hoping that the recession will soon be over, they make the most of the situation at hand.

My contact, H, said:

“We prepare for the speed to soon pick up and for the intensity to return. Therefore, we now stop and reflect on how we might make our organisation more efficient. Then we will stand even stronger when the speed returns. Because, we are sure it does. Soon.”

This engineering department that I gave my talk to, had gathered a day at Comwell Varbergs Kurort to brainstorm and collaborate around possible productivity improvements in their daily work at the office. At the end of the day, they had invited me to share concrete and practical tips on how to enhance your personal structure while working together with others.

After that, it was time to enjoy the spa.

These daily encounters with a wide variety of companies are truly a source of inspiration for me.

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