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26 Aug

If you know where you are heading, you know what is right

Date: 2009-08-26 22:30 Comments: 0 st

The vision, as all the other parts of the management process, is a powerful tool that can play a decisive role for the business, even on an average workday.


As I see it, the vision describes the future situation, where we want to be as a company. The vision needs to motivate the employees to work 40 hours a week in X numbers of years so that the company is able to reach this situation. The vision needs to cause some kind of exaltation, an excitement, eagerness, a nice feeling in my stomach. I believe that the more senses the vision is appealing to, the more efficient it will be in motivating me.

The right thing right now

Beyond motivating us, the vision needs to help us prioritize. There is no objective truth regarding what the right thing to do is at every moment. It depends on where we are aiming, where we want to be.

The purpose of visions is also to be the starting point when we split the vision into smaller and more detailed intermediate goals, and it is also the goal we are aiming for when we are creating the strategies that are going to take us from here to there.

It can also be a target for how we are going to act in specific situations within the workday. In other words, we can ask ourselves:

“If we assume that we are in the situation of the vision, how would we act towards the customers?”

The 26th of August 2014

Describe the future, desired situation in many different ways. When in the future do they occur? In three, five, ten years? Different time perspectives fit different companies, depending on where they are in their life cycle.

How would it be if you imagine a specific day in five years? Where will the company be conducting business? What kind of customers will you have? How will the surrounding world look upon the company? How large will the company be? What has happened along the way? How do the employees feel about going to work this day? What characterizes the culture? How do you handle your customers? Where does your main focus lie?

The more vivid we describe the vision, the easier it will be for others to share it and be attracted to it.

Do you see clearly?

At your company, do you see the vision clearly? Will it be exciting and fun to work trying to reach it over the next years? Is it clear that you will be able to reach it if you reach your goals for the year to come and the years after that? Are there any aspects of the vision that you do not measure as key figures today, which you could follow up better?

What does the vision mean to you?

How do you think about the vision and its role? You are most welcome to e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or post a comment below. Your thoughts and experiences are valuable to me and others that I share them with.

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