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04 Nov

How to be made aware when someone uses a certain word in a chat message

Datum: 2021-11-04 20:01

It can be quite the has­sle keep­ing up with all the chats we’re part of nowa­days. It’s one thing to get a noti­fi­ca­tion when some­one men­tions you and you can also choose to get noti­fied when an entry is made in an impor­tant chan­nel, but how are you to know what is said in one of the many chan­nels you and your team use regard­ing some­thing you’re respon­si­ble for?

On the plat­form Slack, you’ve been able to sub­scribe to cer­tain key­words for a long time, but right now, in Novem­ber 2021, it’s still a fea­ture many have request­ed in Microsoft Teams (the tool most of my clients use at the moment) but which is still not available. 

Well, if some­thing isn’t cre­at­ed or avail­able yet, you’ll sim­ply have to put it togeth­er yourself. 

And you can. There’s actu­al­ly a pret­ty decent way of solv­ing the dilem­ma in Pow­er Automate. 

Let me show you.

By the way, have you solved this prob­lem in an entire­ly dif­fer­ent way? Tell me!

(This video is in Swedish, but it has sub­ti­tles in English.)