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02 Mar

How do you decide what task to prioritize?

Datum: 2010-03-02 10:22

Good morning.

Today is one of my recurring days dedicated to writing.

Right now I am writing about different methods for prioritization. That is, to do the right thing at the right time.

I have written about a couple of methods already, but I definitely have not covered everything. Maybe I have missed your best tip.

For example, in an interview by Heather Ann Snodgrass from the 99 Percent, Piers Fawkes, founder of the trends company PSFK says:

As a small business owner there’s always too much work that you’d want to do in a day. I have to focus on what needs to be done today that will maximize PSFK’s output tomorrow and the week ahead. Concentrating on tasks that are connected to dollar signs helps.

So, how do you decide which of your tasks you should prioritize at a particular moment?

Leave a comment below, I’m curious to hear your take on this.