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23 Jan

How did the start go?

Date: 2014-01-23 08:59 Comments: 0 st

I am guessing that you by now have been back at work for one or a couple of weeks after being away for your Christmas holiday.

What was it like to be back?

Did things get moving in a leisurely and comfortable tempo, or did it go from calm to chaos in a day? Did you slide back into your professional role effortlessly and felt completely at ease, or did you feel uncomfortable putting your suit back on?

You will have a holiday again soon

Thankfully, this was not the last time you had some time off work. In not too long you will start to unwind again, take a few days or weeks off and then go back to work again. If you feel that you would wish for the next start-up to run a little smoother, this is definitely possible. Evaluate how you experienced coming back to work today and refine this process before it is time for the next holiday.

Do this

  1. Turn off your phone, lean back and take a moment to reflect.
    • Has your calendar been fully booked or have you had just enough appointments in the week or weeks following your return to the office?

    • How did the processing of all the e-mails you received during your time off go? Was it a piece of cake or have you still not read all of them? Had you set aside enough time to process and address all the received e-mails? Would it had simplified your return if you had checked your e-mail once in a while during your long leave in order to rid yourself of e-mails with low priority that you would have wanted gone by the time of you got back and got busy with more important matters?

    • Was it easy to get going with what you have to do now, or should you have made better preparations for your return before leaving, and thereby set yourself up for a flying start, been able to hit the ground running and not wasted time and energy getting going?

    • Did you have several days of traveling booked during the first week back at work? Would you have wanted a few days at the office first before hitting the road? Or didn’t you have any trips planned in the first time back and hence felt that it was difficult to really getting up to speed again?

    • How are the weeks to come planned? Are you as fully booked as you were prior to your holiday and to the extent which you had promised yourself you wouldn’t be again? Or, do they represent and reflect your ideal weekly pace?

    • Were you surprised by how difficult it was to get going again? Perhaps you should book a couple of inspiring lunches, cocktail parties or seminars to attend right after getting back the next time so that you get motivated and get up to speed faster?

  2. Make it explicitly clear to yourself what you wish to do differently before your next holiday.

  3. Take out your calendar and write down what your concretely need to adjust or refine formulated as a to-do-task with a due-date prior to, during or after your holiday.

  4. If you need to keep the first days back at the office free from meetings, “block” this free time in the calendar right away.

  5. If you wish to receive a real boost of motivation in your next first week back at work – call your most inspiring friend or colleague today and offer to buy him or her lunch during the first week back after your next holiday.

…and enjoy your foresight after getting back from the next holiday

If you make concrete changes today while you still have this start fresh in mind, in preparation for the next start, it will be much more pleasant. You will get going faster and will process everything that has piled up during your leave with less effort. Perhaps you succeed in preparing for your next return in such a way that coming back to work becomes truly enjoyable.

What is your way?

How do you ensure that you have an optimal start when you return back to work from being on holiday? Feel free to leave a comment to let me and other readers know your thoughts. 

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