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24 Mar

How a lunch conversation created an improved work structure

Date: 2010-03-24 17:03 Comments: 0 st

One of my main sources of inspiration is to read blogs. From my blogroll in Google Reader, I get ideas for new tips on structure, new ways to package my services physically, for innovative ways to market my business.

One of the most well-written and well-run blogs I follow are copywriter Mattias Åkerberg’s blog “Please copy me”, about copy writing. Few bloggers highlights as interesting aspects of advertising as he, and in an elaborate and ingenious way.

One week ago I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Mattias and we talked about how best to allocate your time between projects, assignments and jobs. How do you plan a week so that you spend the right amount of time on the right tasks? How can you best get started working those days when what you do is purely for your own sake, rather than on behalf of someone else? What is an appropriate balance between scheduling every hour and to be free?

On Monday, Mattias blogged about our meeting, what his conclusions where and what he has put into practice. Read the post on Please copy me here. (Translated automatically from Swedish via Google Translate.)

How do you do to make sure you spend the right amount of time on various tasks?

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