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10 Feb

Here is another of my kits!

Datum: 2019-02-10 22:21

A few weeks ago, I showed you my favorite kit that I bring to my talks.

And, here is anoth­er one!

This is one of the two I use most fre­quent­ly, because in it, I car­ry things that I use dur­ing every talk.

Such as:

- A remote click­er — of course
 — A goril­la tri­pod with an iphone hold­er, for when I want to film myself from a dis­tance while speaking.
 — A pow­er bank, which is a sav­iour in this dig­i­tal day and age
 — Not one, but two USB pow­er plugs, so that I can charge my phone and my power­bank simultaneously
 — A USB to light­ning cable
 — A USB to USB micro B cable
 — A small note book that I use as a prop
 — A Japan­ese point­er stick, so I can point at things. Yes, they are still use­ful, I think!
 — And, the micro­phone that I use when record­ing video.

That’s it. And, I have more kits, so let me know if you want to see the oth­er two as well!