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01 Jan

Happy New Year!

Datum: 2010-01-01 00:55

Thank you for a won­der­ful 2009!

It has been the best year so far for Stiern­holm Con­sult­ing, in many respects. At this very moment, it looks like 2010 has great poten­tial to be even better.

Thanks for the nice time togeth­er dur­ing this pass­ing year. I have writ­ten, you have read and you have left insight­ful com­ments. That is also a way to min­gle and I look for­ward to more of that next year.

I wish you, my cus­tomers and read­ers, an even more struc­tured, pro­duc­tive and enjoy­able 2010!

PS If you want to, read more of my thoughts for next year: Three words for 2010