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20 May

Goal setting for anyone

Datum: 2011-05-20 09:07

Far too often whilst help­ing peo­ple in a wide range of organ­i­sa­tions, we hear them strug­gle to describe what goals they have. Some do not know what goals they need to reach on a month­ly basis and far too many of those who do know, have defined their goals in quite dif­fuse terms. 

The result is confusion.

When we lack dis­tinct goals, we have a hard time sep­a­rat­ing what is unim­por­tant tasks from the impor­tant tasks. We get stressed, we have an over­whelm­ing work­load, we work too much and we feel worse than what we could have done.

To have clear­ly defined, SMART, goals seem to be a priv­i­lege for the few. Often I hear state­ments such as:

I do not have any goals, I am only an accountant.”

I am con­vinced that any­one of any pro­fes­sion can define dis­tinct and mea­sur­able goals, with a lit­tle help.

This year, I want to cre­ate a tool that lets any­one define indi­vid­ual goals (con­nect­ed to the goals of their organ­i­sa­tion) that helps them pri­or­i­tize effi­cient­ly in their every­day life at work.

Do you want to help? Do you want to fol­low my progress?

Please let me know.